1. At your first consultation, if we both agree to a short, medium or longterm coaching, we will sign a coaching agreement according to the following steps stated here and below.

Our aim is to offer coaching according to what you express that your needs are duering your first consultation, where applicable we wil guide you, be here for you and do the best we can to be helpful in all the areas wher we are able to,  giving you peace of mind that we are here for you.

We will focus on the following areas if they are the areas of coaching you need:

A. If due to lack of insufficent funds you might want coaching toward setting up systems which will enable your business to be self financing.

B. Where applicable, we will coach you on how to identify and tailor your business towards acceptable criteria which could make your  application acceptable for the purpose of attarcting grants, local, national or international.

C. Where applicable, we will coach on how to make your business fit for the purpose of atracting loan and or investment/s

D. We will offer coaching on business plan, in terms of writing the plan we will offer our service at an additional cost which is seperate from your cost/subscription for continous coaching. ( You can get a free business plan template from us with instruction) or you can opt to get your plan done else where.

E. Coaching includes wher applicable and requested : Marketing, Sales, Launching a new product in existing market or carving out specific unique market space within specific demographic wher simular product/s are been sold.

After your first consultation and you decide to take up our offer of coaching, we will direct you to the page where you will be able to choose the level / hour/s of coaching needed according what is affordable.

For your first consultation, please download all 3 forms, open in word, fill out and email to dw.lsccare@gmail.com along with your paypal recipt. we will get back to you asap. ( Pay your consultation fee below via paypal)