Coaching is not advice, it’s about you taking ownership for changing your life and business, for the better. Business and life? I have been there, the decisions I make in my personal life drips over into my business and the decisions I made about my business because of what was happening in my life was responsible for the make and break of my  businesses, I learn so much from both experiences, failure and successes.

Everyone needs a coach.

I can say this from personal experience as I know first hand how much wiser and happier I become when I met Abe Caleb a retired army field marshall who have been in the Vietnam War and a business man, my Coach, since then I have never been  alone, and so will you ( you will never be alone), although He pass away years ago His advice and coaching stay with me to this day, just Google how many high profile business professionals and sports stars have changed their lives by working with a coach.

For these aforementioned reasons amongst many others, I invest a great deal of time and energy into my pre coaching consultation meetings. This is an opportunity for those individuals looking to change their lives, but unsure just how coaching will support them through that transitional journey.

Pre coaching consultations last between one and two hours, however I am offering half hour and if we decide to carry on we could go on to one hour, due to covid 19 all consultation take place remotely. The first step of the consultation is to really assess what you are looking to get out of coaching; what do you want to achieve?  What areas of your life and or business need to change? ( we will only discuss the parts of your life that directely relates to your business) as our conversation will mainely be about your business.

The next step is getting clear on your goal; where is it you need to be heading and how will achieving that goal benefit and transform your business or aspiration as a whole. Prospective clients always get a lot out of their consultation, even before the real coaching starts by simply identifying clearly what their goals and obstacle/s are.

For many, this is the first time they have ever invested quality time in identifying their goals and obstacles, For some people, their goals and obstacles are very clear, some people are lost and have no idea what they want, others think they have a goal and there is actually an obstacle/s in their way, but come to the realisation that this is not their goal at all and that they excuses and fear are the obstacle/s, it’s actually someone else’s, normally negitive friends and family , a voice in their head or you just want to get away from the nine to five and looking for a way out; are you familiar with the ‘but I should’ voice?

It is important for prospective clients to focus on their life as it is right now, is it ready and willing to take the first step toward the dream right now?

Then assess their overall happiness, fulfilment and performance level and identify if their expectations are realistic in terms of where they are able to get and all they need is the right mind set. Normally, people downplay how realistic achieving their goals are and discover it’s far easy to achieve than they first thought, they were simply looking at it from the wrong perspective and asking themselves the wrong questions.

At the end of the pre coaching consultation, prospective clients will be able to clearly see which areas of their business are causing them the most dissatisfaction and frustration, stress and anxiety. Once established, clients can then identify the future they do want and select a coaching programme to ensure they reach their full potential, happiness, success and fulfilment in their life and business.

A consultation allows both my prospective client and I to establish if we are the right match for each other.

If you are committed to making change happen pursue your dream and have already made the mental decision that coaching is an investment in your future, are not looking for a quick fix and you are ready to do some tough, mental work, dig deep and stay focus, then I relish the opportunity to work with you.

I will be your biggest cheerleader, I will support you and provide you with the tools required to reach your goal.

I will be objective, challenge your thoughts and behaviours and mirror back your greatness. I will support you on your life-changing journey, completely non-judgemental and create a space where you can explore your dreams, ambitions and goals. But, the change simply cannot work if you are not fully committed to making it happen!

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