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We are in the application process to becoming a certified Sponsor for over seas applicants looking to work in the UK care sector Register with us now, take our standard training which will give you a head start towards the qualification for a tier 2 visa . 

Qualified nurses and doctors send your CV to:

 Temporary and full time care / personal assistant .

Due to the criteria that are required by the licenced Sponsor whom we collaborate with us to recruit from abroad the following procedures have to be followed, especially now with the new points system been put in place.( Network between your friends and family who might be looking for employment as we are looking to recruit a maximum 100 applicants for the purpose of our licence.

1. Download and fill out registration / application form scan and return to, before you send the application form back to us you must have standard training / qualification a requirement which have to be achieved in the UK before you are allowed to work.

   Question : What is the required standard training?.


*Work in a person centered way

*Safe Guarding Adults

*Safe Guarding Children

*Fire Awareness & Emergency Action

*Understand your role

*Your personal development

*Duty of care

*Equality and diversity

*Work in a person centered way             


*Privacy and dignity

*Fluids and nutrition

*Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities

*Basic life support

*Health and safety

*Handling information

*Infection prevention and control

*SOCA Level 2

*SOVA Level 2

Code of Practice for the International Recruitment of Healthcare Workers, Department of Health, December 2004

These modules can be completed in one week. Once completed you then download certificate for each module  . Add the name of  course completed to the Application form, scan the completed form, email to . .You will have  dedicated help advise, guidance through out your study and documentation.

2. Once you have completed the above we will send all the necessary documents and letter you will need for the purpose of your Visa application, subject to us being certified . We will ensure that on our part we send all necessary documents and follow all required law and legal procedures , however we cannot guarantee you will be issued a visa for any unforeseen reason or personal on your part.

3. Once you obtain a Visa, we will issue you with the name of other applicants whom have been successful in obtaining their Visa. if you do not have any relative or friend close to your place of employment, you will need to buddy up with three people for the purpose of accommodation.( you will need at least £300 each and an extra £100 for meals. We will do all the ground work here for your accommodation and pick up at the airport.

4. If you get a visa and not able to travel straight away due to financial reason, your on line certificate is good for up to one year, after one year you will have to redo those certificates.

5. Before you travel you will need to do a background check

6. Before you travel you will need to have a medical and the following injections. 

7. You will have a dedicated person to answer all your questions  via skype, watsapp, messenger or email.

8. Things you need to purchase before you travel: (male and female)black pants, white polo short sleeve top, female can wear  white blouse short sleeve or polo shirt, black flat comfortable shoes.

9. You will get additional practical training which could run over one to two days follow up by on going training, this training is paid for by the company.

Down Load the Registration/ Application Form below.

Down Load the Hand Book read and sign where applicable, scan the page you sign and send back.

While reading if there is any wording you are not familiar with or do not know what it means please google for answers.