What is the “Bite Size” Funding Concept?

In simple terms, LSC Bite Size is a global match making concept for small to large existing businesses with monthly turn over from one hundred dollars to over millions per month and investors. The ordinary person at home looking to invest five hundred dollars, to the seasoned investors looking to invest millions. Bite Size is a low-risk transaction that can create immediate cash flow for the investor. Provide resources, higher monthly return for business over the short, medium and long term.

All you need is a good selling or in demand product or service, mutual respect, trust and an agreement benefical to both parties.

How Can This Benefit Investors and Business?

Bite Size funding is a low risk method of trading where an investor purchases raw materials or services needed for you to produce profitable units of goods or services for your business. Essentially, funding does not come in the form of money, but the investor provides the means for you to start or grow your business in return for a share of the profits from sales, as well as their initial investment.


Beatrice the Baker bakes bread and chocolate cake. Her local customer base is one hundread people shopping consistently every morning buying one hundread loaves of bread and one hundread cakes. The same one hundread customers return in the afternoon and purchase one hundread cakes, but no bread. Beatrice then also realizes that foot fall in the area has grown and more customers are asking for cakes. Beatrice needs to be able to produce at least two hundread more cakes and hire one more staff baker.

Don who lives local to Beatrice Bakery sees that people love Beatrice’s cakes and offers to spend one thousand US dollars to purchase all the ingredients she needs to make an extra two hundread cakes per day. When the ingredients are delivered, Beatrice is able to hire another baker and bake at least four hundread cakes a day to meet the demand.

In return, Beatrice has agreed to give to Don a fixed percentage of the profits from sales of the cakes each month. As the relationship and trust develop between Beatrice and Don, Don together with Beatrice agree that she should reinvest that one thousand US dollars to make more cakes and Don will continue to receive a fixed percentage of the profits each month, with the option to end the agreement and receive the capital investment of one thousand US dollars plus profits from that month.

Alternatively, Beatrice and Don could also agree for Don to incrementally increase the amount of raw materials in order to boost production and sales. This in turn increases the overall revenue for Beatrice as well as the return of monthly profit share to Don. Apart from the cost we enquire for setting up each applicant, the cost are in place to ensure that all registration are searious about doing business.

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